Calming Stress & Anxiety Using a Mindful-Somatic Approach

In this episode, Rik Center, Co-Founder of the Mindfulness Care Center, covers how to re-establish the body's ability to stabilize and regulate itself without becoming overwhelmed in order to return the body to a natural state of calm, wholeness and a sense of feeling safe. Rik also guides us through a 15-minute mindful meditation.

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Co-founder of Mindfulness Care Center, Mindful Somatic Therapeutic Practitioner & Counselor, Buddhist Interfaith Chaplain



Rik is the co-founder of the Mindfulness Care Center where he’s developed workshops around mindfulness, Somatic Experiencing, spiritual wholeness and the resilience of our human embodied experience. Rik is also the author of, "If You Can't Change Your Mood, Change Your Mind: Mindful Reflections Toward Self-Discovery" and has an ongoing Mindful-Somatic Private Practice helping clients unwind and dissolve high levels of traumatic anxiety and PTSD, plus he offers grief support. Since Covid-19, he offers 2 weekly Online Mindfulness Meditation Groups and a weekly Grief & Loss Group. He’s a mindful meditation teacher and has served as a Buddhist-Interfaith Chaplain at San Francisco General Hospital and CPMC Hospitals. He presently sits on the Professional Advisory Group for CPMC/Sutter Health Hospitals in San Francisco. Rik is a member of the USABP/United States Association Of Body Psychotherapy.