Our Story


At Zaya, we are on a mission to help others awaken to deep transformation and healing using the power of science, sound, art and mindfulness.

By working in collaboration with leading health experts and research partners, we are creating immersive therapeutic experiences for individuals globally. We are on a mission to make mental and emotional healing accessible and affordable for communities globally.


When mindfulness is used as the catalyst to transformation, we learn to no longer be the victim of our experiences, but rather the observer of our experiences. We develop a profound understanding of the mind-body connection and recognize that the two cannot be separated.

It's time we move away from outdated models of disease-focused care to one that addresses our mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing

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"I grew passionate about the mind-body connection, altered states of consciousness and mindfulness practices after my father was diagnosed with cancer in 2012. When he passed away in 2017, I became overwhelmed with profound feelings of loss and grief which urged me to design a deeply therapeutic practice that combined meditation, art, movement & music. Now coming to a 10-year long journey of exploring these practices, I've recognized their potential for self-transcendence, awareness and how that is linked to influencing one's mental, somatic, and psychological conditions. When done in a specific way, they can unlock semi-psychedelic states, altered states and ego dissolution which allow us to perceive reality with a new set of eyes and way of thinking.

After receiving several trainings in Eastern Medicine practices, 3 years of market research, and interviewing 100+ experts from Integrative Medicine Doctors in the U.S. to Nepalese Shamans in the Himalayas, my in-depth research and personal experience is what gave birth to the idea of Zaya." 


 - Nadeya Co-Founder & CEO of Zaya


The Meaning of Zaya

"A portmanteau word is a word that results from blending two or more words, or parts of words together. In remembrance of my father, Zaheer, I wanted to create a name that carried the vibration of the love I shared with my father along with the strength and perseverance he displayed while battling cancer. I decided to take the first two letters of his name ("Za") and the last two letters of my name "ya" to create Zaya." - Nadeya