Matt Erb, Physiotherapist

Transforming Chronic Illness with Mind-Body Medicine

In this episode, integrative physiotherapist, Matt Erb discusses the biopsychosocial model and how to apply it to chronic illness, conventional medicine (the biomedical model) vs. Mind-Body Medicine, how to identify the root cause of an illness or disease, changing your language about pain and much more.

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Integrative Physiotherapist

Matt Erb is a physiotherapist, originally trained at the University of Iowa, and currently based out of Tucson Arizona. He is a Senior Faculty member, Clinical Supervisor, and a Clinical Lead for The Center for Mind-Body Medicine, Washington D.C. He has a clinical physiotherapy practice with Simons Physical Therapy, Tucson AZ, that focuses on mind-body integrated care. Matt is also the Founder of Embody Your Mind, specializing in high-quality writing, teaching, and consulting in integrative and mind-body medicine topics. Matt is also an instructor for Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine and regularly teaches for the University of Arizona physician (psychiatry and family medicine) training programs. He is motivated to find and promote better ways of delivering whole-person healthcare.