Healing Emotional & Physical Distress Through Bioenergetics

In this episode, bioenergetics practitioner, Mathias Vazquez Rodriguez discusses how long-term chronic muscular tension affects the body, the psychological meaning/connection behind chronic muscular tension, the 5 different character types in bioenergetics (schizoid, oral, rigid, masochistic, psychopathic), and how to create more pleasure in your life.

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Bioenergetics Practitioner

Mathias has been studying and practising as a Bioenergetics practitioner over the past 5 years and has collaborated alongside the Alexander Lowen foundation in Madrid, Spain. Mathias' approach towards healing includes using holistic and non-holistic tools to help individuals reconnect with their bodies, decrease chronic pain, and rebuild a positive mindset that can live in harmony with the body. Outside of being a bioenergetics practitioner, Mathias works as a start-up consultant and carries a BA in mathematics and economics and a master's in management.