Ellen Vora, Holistic Psychiatrist

Getting Off Psych Meds Naturally

In this episode, holistic psychiatrist Dr. Ellen Vora discusses the contributing factors to the rise in the mental health crisis, effective holistic tools and practices for dealing with psych med withdrawals and symptoms, how to communicate to your doctor and psychiatrist about making the decision to taper off, psychedelic medicine for treating mental health conditions and much more.

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Holistic Psychiatrist

Ellen Vora, MD graduated from Columbia University medical school, received her B.A. in English from Yale University, and she’s a board-certified psychiatrist, medical acupuncturist, and yoga teacher. Dr. Vora takes a functional medicine approach to mental health–-considering the whole person and addressing imbalance at the root, rather than reflexively prescribing medication. In addition to her private practice, Dr. Vora is also a writer, speaker, and a consultant for two healthcare startups.