Ariane Fuchtner, Somatic Psychotherapist

Healing Trauma in the Body

In this episode, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and Psychotherapist, Ariana Fuechtner discusses the body-brain connections, what happens to our bodies after trauma, and most importantly, how to work with suppressed emotions and restore the body’s natural self-regulation in order to transform and heal the body.

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Somatic Experiencing Practitioner & Psychotherapist

German native, Ariane Fuechtner, is an expert in trauma healing, individual & organizational resilience, as well as nervous system regulation. As a licensed non-medical healing professional in psychotherapy, Ariane offers individual sessions, webinars, and online group training. Her focus is on catering to the ex-pat community in her private practice in Berlin. Ariane has trained in Somatic Experiencing® (SE) – a holistic resource and body-oriented approach for the healing of traumatic and chronic stress. She has also received training as a 360º Resilience Facilitator based on the Amann Bamboo Principle®. Her unique approach is influenced by decades of movement, dance, bodywork, and mindfulness practices.